NS 2200 relais movable armature ; from some relais needed for old NS 2200 locomotives of the Stichting Historisch Dieselmaterieel the movable armatures were cracked after 60 years of service. The originals were made of resin impregnated woven fiber material. New ones were made from POM (polyacetate) using a CNC mill. Drawings were made in CamBam , parts were cut from disks of round stock in 4 operations, after which bronze bushings were pressed in.

CamBam CAM screen
Creating tool paths in CamBam

For an NS 2200 class locomotive the bogie number plates were remade after the originals were stolen. Material was aluminium , font type is P22 Underground Bold. CNC milling was done in stages , roughing with a 6mm end mill and then a final pass with a 1mm endmill for all the details. After milling the cavities were filled with black paint and the front very lightly sanded and polished using Scotch-Brite